High Performance
Ready to do more things!
Build a hub to enjoy diverse solutions such as IoT, VA, AI, etc.
High-performance router specific to the devices through Wi-Fi
The advanced Wi-Fi technology stably delivers content to multi-networked devices and ensures a delay-free gaming environment. Based on Dual-Core & HEXA CPU, it processes network signals quickly even under multi-workload. Based on such high performance, build a home hub to utilize diverse solutions such as IoT, AI, VA, etc. in the house.
Continuous function addition for more robust performance
New functions will be continuously added to the current functions. Roaming & mesh will be added so that you can use Wi-Fi in every corner of the house; the Alexa solution will also be added to provide a voice recognition function. Make your home network up-to-date using the HUMAX high-performance router. The longer you use it, the stronger and more convenient it will be.
Make your home network secure through a robust security solution
Robust security is not optional but mandatory as the range of wireless devices used in the house expands. In addition to basic network security, the McAfee solution boasting of more robust security function is added to protect your home networks from external attacks.