Home Wi-Fi System
Simpler, Faster, Wider!
Korea’s first! HUMAX's Home Wi-Fi System enables seamless Internet use anytime, anywhere
Want to enjoy Wi-Fi anytime, anywhere?
The HUMAX Wi-Fi system is the most efficient home Wi-Fi system that can be used with the desired combination selected by the user. Enjoy robust, reliable Wi-Fi in every corner of the house through a home network composed of master and nodes.

Internet and plug-in connection! That’s all there is to it.
Say goodbye to difficulties in setting and installing a router! Just place pre-paired master and nodes on the desired positions and plug it in. You can enjoy wide, robust Wi-Fi in a few minutes.
Seamless Wi-Fi in every corner of the house
with roaming & mesh solution
The roaming & mesh solution automatically seeks and sets an optimum network path without manual setting by the user, ensuring that the user can use seamless Wi-Fi while moving around. Enjoy perfect streaming and videophone services without shadow areas in every corner of the house.
Enjoy home network management within reach!
Conveniently manage your home network through the HUMAX Wi-Fi System app. You can monitor networked devices through intuitive, sensible web interfaces and configure diverse settings such as device or service priority and children's protection, etc.