The world’s first dual-booting mode support!
HUMAX's multi-function router & extender provide new experience
From the router to the extender
The world’s first dual-booting mode
With the Q-Mode switch, a simple one touch provides the effect of using one product as if it were two products. Based on the Q-Mode switch connection status, it is operated largely in router mode and extender mode and technically in seven modes.

Use the HUMAX multi-function product in appropriate mode according to your purpose.

Configuration of HUMAX's roaming & mesh network through load balancing
With connection to HUMAX's multi-function router and extender, a seamless, robust home network can be configured through load balancing. Enjoy strong Wi-Fi signal without wireless shadow areas in every corner of the house through roaming & mesh network configuration. You can use an optimized home network through the optimum connection path that is automatically found.

It is compatible with any products thanks to its excellent compatibility.
Perfectly compatible with any brands, any products you use. The HUMAX multi-function product family is perfectly compatible with any routers thanks to its excellent compatibility. When you configure an additional router or extender, choose Multi-Function. Without great expense, you can upgrade your home network.
High-performance router that's more faithful to the original function
Even if the world’s first function is supported, the original function of a router must not be omitted. HUMAX provides not only the latest functions but also more faithful, original router function.