The HUMAX Wi-Fi app makes your
home network management easier.
The HUMAX Wi-Fi app supports users in conveniently managing the home network anytime, anywhere. Proceed to the high-performance router settings through the mobile app. You can easily choose diverse settings such as wireless setting, children protection setting, device & service priority setting, etc. anytime, anywhere.
Support Models : HUMAX High Performance Router
T9 / T7 / T5 / T10x / T9x / T7x / T5x
Use the HUMAX Wi-Fi System app to configure
easy-to-use home network settings.
The HUMAX Wi-Fi system comes pre-paired to enable easy installation and supports the HUMAX Wi-Fi system app for easier management and settings. Instead of complex web interfaces, use the easy-to-use mobile app within reach to do all settings!
Support Models: HUMAX Home Wi-Fi System
Wide Package / Powerful Package / Smart Package / Economic Package
E10 / E3 / E2 / E1