Seamless, free Wi-Fi,
HUMAX roaming & mesh networks
Want to use seamless Wi-Fi while moving around every corner of the house? Want to extend the Wi-Fi network easily without complex settings? The HUMAX multi-function router and extender let you configure the roaming & mesh networks using the easy-to-use, patented method. Enjoy seamless network connectivity anytime, anywhere using HUMAX's roaming & mesh networks!
Roaming & mesh networks automatically find an optimum connection path to provide an optimized home network environment for users.
With the roaming function, you can configure a seamless home network using a single Service Set Identifier (SSID).  The wireless signals of the router and extender are operated like one network without separation so that you can use seamless Wi-Fi while moving around.  Enjoy perfect streaming and videophone services without shadow areas in every corner of the house using the roaming function. 
기존의 홈 네트워크
공유기와 익스텐더가 각각의 SSID를 가짐으로써, 같은 집 안이라도 무선 신호가 강한 SSID를 매번 일일이 찾아 연결해줘야하는 불편함이 있습니다.
HUMAX의 끊김 없는 홈 네트워크
공유기와 익스텐더가 하나의 통합된 네트워크를 구성하고 SSID도 하나를 가짐으로써, 집안 어디서든지 가장 빠르고 강한 무선 연결을 보장합니다.
The self-optimization of mesh function, which is unnoticeable to the user, allows the system to find and sets an optimum network path automatically. Through this, networked devices can enjoy the most robust, reliable performance.  Enjoy the most reliable wireless signals using the mesh function!
The patented HUMAX multi-function router and extender provide HUMAX’s unique, easy-to-use roaming & mesh configuration methods (*). One-touch connection using the WPS button and intuitive connection through Web UI, including the most reliable wired connection! Enjoy seamless roaming & mesh network anytime, anywhere using these three convenient methods.
* Patented technology
Connection using the WPS button
Connection through Web UI
Wired connection